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New polling shows President Biden has quickly restored America's stature in the eyes of the world


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So now that we have a president who doesn’t pose an existential threat to NATO, respects climate change accords, takes worldwide pandemics seriously and won’t flatter dictators, threaten to nuke hurricanes, or otherwise make the world’s foremost democracy look like King Kong on a four-year Jägermeister-and-bath-salts bender, the rest of the world likes us better.

Go figure.

And all it took was a Trumpectomy (though, for some reason, plenty of people not only want to keep the tumor, they also want to display it in a jar on the mantel under a garish array of klieg lights).

According to a recent Pew Research Center global survey, the world is coming back around to liking us again, just in time for Joe Biden’s first international trip as president.

The Washington Post:

Trust in the U.S. president fell to historic lows in most countries surveyed during Donald Trump’s presidency, according to Pew.

Under Biden, it has soared. In the 12 countries surveyed both this year and last, a median of 75 percent of respondents expressed confidence in Biden to “do the right thing regarding world affairs,” Pew found, compared with 17 percent for Trump last year. Sixty-two percent of respondents now have a favorable view of the United States vs. 34 percent at the end of Trump’s presidency.

You mean the rest of the world sees Vladimir Putin as a thug who poisons people and not “a leader—far more than (Obama) has been a leader”? And they didn’t believe that North Korea was now eliminated as a threat because Kim Jong-Un let the squishy wad of id who was cosplaying as our president have extra sprinkles on his ice cream at their summit dinner?

You don’t say.

Sadly, it’s not all good news. While international respondents gave Biden and the U.S. high marks for rejoining the Paris Climate Accords and the WHO, our democracy now looks to the rest of the world like a Brobdingnagian berm of Andre the Giant Underoos in a dysentery ward laundry.

Attitudes are mixed about how well the U.S. political system functions, and in most surveyed publics, less than 10 percent of respondents said it works very well.

“Publics in the advanced economies surveyed are largely skeptical that democracy in the U.S. is a good example for other countries to follow,” the report reads.

In any other year, I might be offended, but Jan. 6 was bad optics, to say the least. It might take some time to recover from that one, especially since the bad, bad man has not yet gone to meet his maker (which may be either God or Hasbro; I haven’t made up my mind yet).

Oh, and it’s not just the plebs who are noticing the difference between Joe Biden and the nativist tub of goo we’ve been airmailing to the G-7 meetings lately. Even Boris Johnson, the destitute man’s Winston Churchill who’s frequently compared to Trump, is on board with Uncle Joe.

Boris Johnson describes Joe Biden's administration as "a big breath of fresh air, describing it as "it's new and interesting'. He said today's talks in Cornwall were "very good" #g7

— Sebastian Payne (@SebastianEPayne) June 10, 2021

For the nontweeters:

Boris Johnson describes Joe Biden's administration as "a big breath of fresh air, describing it as "it's new and interesting'. He said today's talks in Cornwall were "very good"

Well, anything seems like a breath of fresh air when you’ve been bombarded with covfefe ‘n KFC breath for four years. Of course, this would all be news to Trump’s most ardent supporters, who became convinced that the world finally respected us again under Trump—because that’s what he told them—despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Then again, evidence has never convinced those people of anything. Guess we’ll just have to shunt them aside while the world’s sane community gets to work fixing the ocher abomination’s myriad screwups.

But be patient with the new guy, folks. Undoing all that Trumpian damage may take some time.

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